Rich Scott: Vision of Unity Horsemanship
I'm having the time of my life, studing horses, and horsemanship, and reflecting how the horsemanship has enhanced my life, and life has enhanced the horsemanship. Relationships with people that I have never met, developed, and grown to be strong, trusting, and fullfilling. I will be the clinician for the APHA Fort Robinson ride, the week of Labor day for the 3rd. yr. running, We will be sharing some ideas on problem prevention & solving at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2013 along with trailer loading. There are Clinicians and instructors that come and go through Colorado throughout the year, but Vision of Unity Horsemanship is comitted to horses and people of Colorado all year, every year. We work with all breeds & all disiplines. We range from Colt Starting, Restarting aged horses, Problem Solving & Prevention, Trailer Loading, Trail & Trail Obsacle clinics, Horsemanship clinics, Western Dressage, Jumping clinics, Stockmanship clinics, Versitility Ranch Horse clinics, Riata Ranch Roping, Low Stress Cattle Management, Hackamore & Bridle Horse Clinics, Fear reconstruction clinics, and open to visit with you about any other subjects that may fit you and tour needs. We work with all breeds, Mustangs, Rescue horses, Gaited horses, Mules, to name a few, along with all the standard breeds, Quarters, Paints, Thourobreds, Arabians, Appalossas, to name a few. We have been referred by a number of top veterinarians, farriers, other trainers. I'm very hummbled to work with a variety of other horse professionals, such as horsemen & women, instrutors, veterinarians,judges , farriers, along with those who are just getting started, or coming back after some time away, those dealing with and managing fear. So bring your horse and let's find the unity.
Defining Horsemanship
An understanding of a horses of movements and thoughts, and how one influences the other. Knowing are responsibility to the horse in any, and all situations. And having the ability turn those same thoughts and movements into an understood willing service. On my Bio. page you will find two poems that mean quit a little bit to me, they may get you to thinking, and looking for that unity,as they did me. We also give private, semi-private & group lessons here at our facility in Byers, Colorado, as well as traveling to to other Colorado locations for customized instruction with you and our horse friends.
Our Newest Testimonial
I have worked with Rich Scott for the last three to four years. I had some medical issues including several surgeries and was unable to work with any of my horses for a couple years. We had a 3 year old stud colt my kids named Buckaroo. His name was fitting. He reared up if you came near him and just seemed to have a mean streak. We needed to get him halter broke so we could have him gelded. I called Rich and he was willing to help. After a couple trials we finally got him loaded in a trailer and off to Rich's place we went. Rich transformed him into a functional horse within the first 30 days.

Our most memorable story however was Kona, a six month old stud colt who had a mule foot and needed surgery. Rich took him for a week and then worked with us at our home three to four times. Rich knew my wife was inexperienced with horses and took the time to make sure she got the basics in horse safety and training 101. Over and over during the training sessions Rich would say "Let the horse make the choice, all you have to do is apply a little pressure." This is an especially good method for a beginner because it allows both the horse and the owner to learn together. When it came time for Kona to go to CSU for his surgery, he was quite easy going and very well mannered. The Barn Master made a special point of coming up to me and telling me how impressed she was with Kona. She said Kona had better manners than most the 4 to 5 year olds she saw. During his visit to CSU, they were so comfortable with him that they let a Freshman put in his IV.

Hiring Rich to work with your horse is like getting a buy one, get one free. He emphasizes safety first, encourages the owner to come ad be involved in the process, and explains what he is doing and why to make sure you and the animal are on the same page. He is an all around good guy and his approach to horse training certainly works!
~ James DuBois, DuBois Quarter Horses
Vision of Unity Horsemanship
with Rich Scott